Business Travel

It was 6 o’clock in the afternoon and Marc, a businessman always running on schedule, was on his way to the airport to catch the 8 o’clock flight to Milan.

Julia is running late due to her last appointment, she’s in a taxi rushing to the airport, but risks missing the last flight out to Milan.

Marc arrives on perfect time at the airport, at 7 o’clock, but notices a long queue at the check-in desks; a quick glimpse at the timetable board… the flight has been cancelled.

Julia is thinking whether she should call her travel agency when she phone rings; it’s one of the travel consultants from the travel agency calling to inform her of the flight cancellation.

Marc is at the bottom of the queue, he has been told that he will get more information at the check-in desks. He is nervous and frustrated, and knows he will have to spend the night somewhere in the city.

Julia is being informed that one of the last hotel rooms available at the airport hotel has been reserved for her; that is the best choice as she has already been re-booked on the early morning flight, and it has a business centre and a wireless internet connection.

The queue is very long, but Marc reserved his ticket on the Internet and can only count on the help of the airport personnel. With a big fair in the city and other cancelled flights, he will probably have to accept a modest accommodation, far from the city and the next morning’s first flight will already be fully booked.

Julia instructs the taxi driver to take her directly to the hotel, and relaxes knowing that she will be in Milan early enough for tomorrow’s appointments. She now only has to choose whether go through the day’s work before or after dinner.