About KC*

KC Travel starts its operations in 1994 as a small agency specializing in niche destinations: cruises for divers in dream destinations, small groups for luxury destinations in the Alps, or even in exclusive resorts around the world – just to mention a few of the holidays organized with the attention and detail required by its clients.
Shortly after, having established the necessary contacts with the local authorities, the agency gains access to the world of incoming tourism, offering a quality product that allows foreign travelers to appreciate the beauties of Bologna and its surroundings. Two expert travel agents, specializing in business travel and events, acquire the agency in 2003.

2006 witnesses important changes. The business is acquired by the two standing owners, Emmanuel Keates and Milvia Cenacchi. Thanks to their expertise, gained in the fields of leisure and business travel for both individuals and groups, a new wave of fresh air is brought into the business, helping implement a well planned restructuring and reorganization.
The agency changes its name into KC Travel, to identify it with the two new owners and is given an entirely new image. In less than a year, existing partnerships with all the suppliers get re-negotiated as well as other quality suppliers being brought in. At the same time, the agency is provided with new state-of-the-art reservation systems and back-office technology, a necessary step to allow KC Travel’s team to offer to its corporate and individual clients the kind of attentive service that one expects from their travel consultants.